littlesunnyday asked:
thanks for answering my last question! one more: what is "MIA", you spoke about one your last post??

MIA means missing in action. As in, i’ll be away for 10 days

going to be MIA for the next 10 days or so!!!! 

Have a great couple weeks everybody and I’ll see you when I return from VACATION!!!

littlesunnyday asked:
hey :) Your blog is really nice! What's the military diet you wrote about? Does it work? Is it healthy? Do you gain the weight back after the diet? x

Here’s info about the Military Diet

It worked for me! I dropped 6lbs. It’s healthy, you can read up on it yourself at the link.

Obviously you’ll gain the weight back if you go back to eating like crap after the 3 days. But, if you eat between 1400-1500 cals/day and keep up the exercising you won’t gain it back.

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